All parents want proper care of their baby. But many of us make less and less mistakes due to lack of awareness. After giving birth to the baby’s mouth, does the face become sweet?

Not only is it wrong, it’s dangerous. After birth, the baby should give the mother’s first milk. Many People say that it is yellowish liquid. But it is in this milk that the baby needs the first nutrients. So honey, sugar water, candy water or cottage milk can not be given to the newborn. Baby Care is So Important.Baby Carrier Ergonomic Carrier Backpack Hip-seat for newborn Kids Love Toy
Can a baby eat enough to breastfeed in a bottle during sleep?
For the first six months after birth, the baby should only breastfeed. Tin milk may not be given in whole or in part. When the mother goes out, she will leave breast milk. It should be eaten with a bowl, not in a bottle. So never give a bottle of milk to a baby – either during sleep or waking. It is also not good for young children to practice sucking to stop crying.

Baby food should be refrigerated in a blender?
Give the baby six months of age to give him home-made meals, not shop-bought cereals. Do not eat extra rice powder, semolina, barley etc. Provide all kinds of food, but no need to refrigerate in the blender. Mix the rice or slices, vegetables, fish, pulses, oil and cook it softly. Eating foods made in Blender prevents the development of baby’s taste buds. It is not right to force him. It is not okay to digest attention by running behind the baby with food and watching TV, playing games. If he is hungry, he will eat immediately. Serving several dishes together, the child becomes hesitant. All the time, he just has to give his favorite food, that’s not right. It will not create interest in other foods.Kids Spider Man Amazing Spider-man Iron Spider Costume Kids Love Toy

Want everything from an early age?
Many people become unstable in making their baby care, from the smallest to the most important of all (such as reading books, dancing songs, drawing pictures, etc.). Surprised and happy to see cell phones playing on the iPad. None of this is a good sign. Many parents again become overly sensitive to abortion. Extravagance is not good for anything. Many love and nurture the child so much that they keep him from doing all the work. People also wear clothes or carry school bags. Everyday activities, such as feeding, wearing shoes and clothing, bagging and carrying, can help these children, but do not do it completely. Teach him to be self-sufficient.Give your child time
Day and night may be trying to keep the child at ease. But kids really want this precious time, not your comfort or happiness. Communicating with him, storytelling, sports will help him develop. Even if you are busy with work, take him along. As the mother can take the child with her to do the chores, a lot of time will be spent to give it a go. Don’t let the child sit in front of the TV or play games on the phone.

Treat yourself in front of the baby
Many of the children stopped her by answering a question, rather than answering it. Be nervous when talking in front of a guest. That’s not right In all cases, listen to them seriously. They should not talk, shout, quarrel or beat or abuse someone in front of their child. Quit smoking. Never lie in front of your baby. Don’t be fooled by comparing yourself to others because they are lacking in anything. Appreciate and encourage the baby’s success. Explain wrong or wrong, do not punish.

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